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Display Screen Assessments

As a competent person it is a regulatory requirement that all users of Display Screens or VDU equipment and workstations have an assessment, including laptops. Any person who spends more than a couple of hours per day sat at a desk may have various complaints and these could be any of the following:, neck and lower back pain, sore arms and shoulders, headaches or any combination of these.

Employers must make sure that they take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of all people using such equipment.

Safety Limits Ltd Assessments can advise you on this and can do the following:

  • Visit your premises and carry out a full and comprehensive assessment of all your workstations.
  • assess instances of bad seating and posture, looking at the general environment
  • provide recommendations for improving desk lay out and general ergonomic awareness, including Home Workers or those using serviced offices
  • prepare a detailed report with corrective actions for all workstations. This is especially useful if you have new starters, agency and temporary staff or contractors who work at your premises.

Should you need help in assessing workstations then please contact:

 James Vetch Dip Grad

Independent Health & Safety Consultant

Tel: 07766 440474 or E Mail: [email protected]