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To whom it may concern


21 October 2014

 James Vetch Dip Grad: Safety Limits Ltd

I confirm that Kingston University engaged James as a Safety Consultant to specifically work within our Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture to help improve the safety arrangements specifically within that Faculty. in the period since James started with us the significant gap between the safety standards one would expect in an Institution such as ours and the standards that were actually being achieved at the point before he joined us was substantial.

During the period that James has been working with us the situation there has been transformed into one which would now bear scrutiny by an enforcing authority. Specifically, he has introduced: 

  • Risk assessments for the main hazardous areas
  • Safe systems of working
  • A culture which would expect the use of modern safety practices and the use of Personal Protective Equipment is not questioned.

 During his time with us James has also written a number of policies, procedures and management systems to help ensure safe practices within the Faculty.

 As well as raised the awareness of the reasons why the University requires this type of action to be taken, which has taken time, resilience and considerable commitment. James has managed to secure funding for a number of the improvements needed and has brought them about, taking the managers of the area “with him” which has, I believed seen the type of change I have been advocating was needed for a number of years.

I would commend him to anyone seeking to engage an effective consultant to provide practical support in demanding situations.



Ian Appleford Chartered MCIPD, MIIRSM, CMIOSH